Daikin Under Ceiling

Here we were Contacted to provide a solution for Cooling issues this Religious Centre was Having During Peak summer and also Heating for Winter. As the space was so big with an oddly High Ceiling a Typical High Wall Unit wouldn’t have been sufficient. So we went with 2 x Daikin 14kW Under Ceiling Units as these have a long blowing distance, 14 metres to be exact!

Zone Control Ducted Air Conditioning System

One of our Commercial Customers was renovating their house in CoatesVille and was after a Central Air Conditioning and Heating Solution to his house. So we Opted for a Daikin Super Inverter Unit as he was after more control over the temperatures in each room especially his kids. Hence the Super Inverter System as it is one of a few True Zone Controlled Systems in the Market. This particular one was a 12.kW Cooling 14kW Heating 8 Zone System

New Cool Room

Continental Meats had recently seen a surge in customers asking for more Fresh Meat rather than frozen. So they invested in a New Cool room Just for Fresh Carcass of Meat. So we Installed a new 3HP Condensing Unit and Evaporator mounted on the roof with a Monkey Toe Bracket

New State of the Art Encapsulation and Drying Room for GMP

Here we were contracted to Install Pipe and Commission Two 30kW Temperzone High Static Ducted Units and One 66kW High Static Ducted Unit. The Two 30kW Units were for the New Drying Room which was being built for Soft Gel Tablets. The 66kW Units was for the New Encapsulation Room for the Soft Gel Tablets. The System was designed to cool the air coming out of two Commercial Driers, which would then flow through the ducting into the Drying Rooms keeping the Humidity below 60% keeping the Gel Tablets from sticking to each other

GMP Dairy

Here we installed a Supplementary Air Conditioning Unit for the drying Room At GMP Dairy as they had increased production over summer and their Existing System was struggling to keep the Relative Humidity under 60%. So we added this extra 28kW Unit to cope with the Extra Humidity

Wholesale Motor Distributors

We Installed various air conditioning systems for this Car Dealership in Auckland on a Custom Built Monkey Toe System, We Relocated a few older Units onto the Monkey Toe system for Building Compliance and Installed 2 new Under Ceiling Units