Commercial Air Conditioning Auckland

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Solutions

Commercial air conditioning is as important as your Residential air conditioning because that is where your employees spend most of their time. We provide air conditioning solutions for every space from offices, apartments, factory, hotels etc.

Businesses in different spaces have unique requirements and we understand that one solution may not work for all. So, our focus is on providing tailored solutions for commercial air conditioning that best fits your space.

Benefits of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

  • Improved efficiency
  • Energy consumption reduced
  • Boosts staff health
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Healthier workplaces
Commercial Air conditioning system

Commercial Aircon Servicing/Maintenance

Commercial Aircon servicing is vital to your commercial space and employee health. Keeping up with maintenance assures that the system is maintained in good working condition, kept clean, clear of mould, excessive dust and is healthy.

Some of the aircon servicing checks we will perform on your unit is cleaning the air filters, check coil and clean, check temperature settings, check screen faulty codes, test remotes, check for leaks, electrical connections are secure, indoor, and outdoor coils in good condition and clean outdoor unit.

Latest technology

There is a constant change in air conditioning technology worldwide and we ensure that we provide you with the latest up to date solutions improving efficient performance and reducing your business’s energy consumption.

So, get in touch with Ben’s Refrigeration as your leading commercial air conditioning specialist in Auckland and get the perfect solution to your space.