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Welcome to Bens's Refrigeration
From single units to completed ducted systems, we provide installation and scheduled maintenance at competitive prices and unbeatable service.


Residential Heating

Specialists in efficient and affordable heat pump installation in Auckland. Talk to the experts today and start saving.

Residential Air Conditioning

We stock Auckland’s best air conditioning brands and will optimise solution to suit your residential cooling needs and your budget.

Commercial Air Conditioning

We specialise in commercial air conditioning installations in Auckland and have carried out thousands of projects both big and small!

Commercial Refrigeration

With over 26 years experience in commercial refrigeration in Auckland, we’ve got the capability and experience to deal with projects of all sizes.

Heat Pump Installers and Servicing

We provide general heat pump installation and servicing in Auckland for both residential and commercial clients at down to earth prices. Call for a quote today.

Service & Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance services for air conditioning units, heat pumps and commercial refrigeration units to maximise operating efficiency and minimise breakdowns.

Auckland Heat Pump Installers, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Specialists

Ben’s Refrigeration have been specialising in heat pump, air conditioning and refrigeration installation and maintenance for the past 25 years.

Originally established in 1989 in the Fiji Islands, we expanded  to Auckland in 2004 and have been calling it home ever since.

We are a family owned business and pride ourselves on our personalised service to clients.

As a testimony to our quality of service, over 80% of new bookings are referrals from existing clients!

All of our workmanship is guaranteed and we offer fully scheduled maintenance and 24/7 breakdown services for your air-conditioning or refrigeration systems.

We have a wide range of products for residential homes of all sizes, commercial as well as full-scale industrial heavy-weights to suit your needs.

Ben’s Refrigeration have got your heating and cooling needs covered– Auckland-wide and even Hamilton!

Why Install a Heat Pump?

Heat Pump benefits

Heat Pumps are highly energy efficient and offer advantages that are not only environmentally friendly, but are also practical and convenient for users.

The popularity of Heat Pumps has steadily increased in recent years, adding significant value to any home. Buyers are more inclined to purchase a warm, dry environment, with the added benefit of air conditioning.

Heat Pumps also provide reassurance for people suffering from asthma and allergies, as the circulation provides filtered clean air, purifying it of dust, mold spores, odours, smoke and other particles.  

Heating and Cooling functions

From the touch of a button, Heat Pumps rapidly increase the temperate of a room. Providing warmth and comfort from a wall panel, or without you even having to leave your chair!

Reversely, Heat Pumps can be used to cool a room, by extracting heat energy from outside and filtering this into your home (more commonly referred to as “Air Conditioning”). Heat can also be extracted from inside your home and transferred outside – the same way a fridge works.

Climate control

Though most prefer a temperature of between 20 -23 degrees Celsius year-round, you have the power to select your desired room temperature by adjusting the control panel to suit your climate.

Heat Pumps largely reduce condensation. When using your Heat Pump for cooling the in warmer months, the room is dehumidified as a default function of the Heat Pump. Here, warm air circulates through the unit allowing moisture to form on the cold surface of the coil, which then drains outside.

In winter, the Heat Pump prevents condensation forming on cold surfaces, such as windows, by circulating warm air around the room, in the same way car windscreens demist on a cold morning.


Heat Pumps can warm or cool a room within minutes, and have the ability to remain at a set temperature as long as required.  You can easily adjust the temperature, or switch between heating and cooling functions (and vice versa). Most Heat Pumps also allow you to preset temperatures, meaning you can return home to a warmed room, without costing you an arm and a leg!

There is no waste to clean up, as Heat Pumps don’t create smoke, ashes, moisture or any other waste material. You’ll no longer have to make the trip outside for firewood or to the petrol station to fill up your gas bottle. Your heat pump is plumbed in and has a drain fixed to the outside, saving you time otherwise spent emptying water when cooling or dehumidifying your home.


Unlike gas heating or wood burners, there aren’t flames or hot surfaces that children or pets can touch and burn themselves on. They can be kept running safely however long you need, even if you’re away from the house, or asleep, unlike heaters which should be constantly monitored.

Heat pumps can be fitted conspicuously and don’t need to take up valuable space in your home. Remember, you do not need to be sitting directly under the Heat Pump to enjoy its benefits.

Where gas heaters need oxygen for gas to burn and release its heat energy, Heat Pumps do not. Therefore, the risk of causing stuffy rooms and condensation on windows is eliminated.

Energy efficiency of Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are currently the most cost-effective form of heating using electricity. Good quality systems achieve average COP (Coefficient of Performance) figures of four or more. Meaning, four kilowatts of heating or cooling power, can be achieved by using less than one kilowatt of electricity.

Conventional heating systems such as electric fires or gas boilers have a COP of less than one. Therefore, burning more than one kilowatt of power to produce a kilowatt of heating power. The higher the COP the cheaper a heating appliance is to run. Comparatively, Heat Pumps have between 300% to 400% efficiency, offering the most energy efficient heating.

In dollar terms this means a Heat Pump is one of the cheapest methods to heat a home. By comparison: for every $1 you spend you get the following equivalent heat output:

Gas                                          0.82c

Electric Bar Heater                 0.98c

Wood Burners                         0.45c

Heat Pump                              $3 – $4 



Fumes, soot and smoke caused by wood burners have an extremely negative effect on the environment in terms of carbon emissions. Heat Pumps however, don’t burn anything at the heat energy source, resulting in no additional carbon emissions other than a small amount of electrical energy required to run the compressor. Heat Pumps are environmentally friendly, as most use R410A refrigerant, which does not harm the ozone layer.

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