Choosing between getting a heat pump or HRV?

There is often confusion as to how HRV/DVS/Moisture Master systems vary from heat pumps. It’s important to understand the difference, as the answer is not always simple.

Ventilation systems

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRV), and those similarly advertised, are not heat recovery systems, but rather ventilation and positive pressure ventilation (PPV) systems, that function by drawing stored air from the ceiling and dispersing it through ducts into various rooms of the home.

Air stored inside a roof space is usually drier and warmer on sunny days, however there is a limited supply. Pushing warm air into your home allows the system to force out damp air, consequently, reducing condensation.

The drier the home, the warmer it is. However, as the available warm air in the roof space is circulated through the house, it is replaced with cooler air from outside, which is then pushed back into your home, hence reducing the temperature once again.

Air quality

The air stored in any roof space isn’t particularly fresh or healthy, and often contains dust mites and spores. The system therefore works to purify the air and filter any nasties out, before they enter your home (although not to the same extent as many heat pumps available on the market). The PPV or forced-air system must be heated to continue to provide warm air into your home, which may result in a rise in your electricity bill.

Heat pumps replace existing stale, unhealthy air with fresh, filtered air.  They are usually room specific, meaning a single heat pump is unable to warm or cool an entire home.  The size of the pump will vary based on the volume of air to be heated/cooled. Similarly, they can be installed internally, allowing the air to be circulated most economically.

Condensation and filtration system

The movement of air also helps reduce condensation, yet not always to the same level as a PPV system.  Heat pumps are beneficial not only due to their convenience, but also the rate at which they can reach a desired temperature, along with their technologically advanced filtration systems.

Ultimately, the two systems have different functions. One is specifically for ventilation to remedy condensation, while the other is primarily focused on environment control through heating, cooling and air filtration.

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