Troubleshooting Commercial Refrigerators

Even the most reliable commercial appliances need some maintenance and check-ups and can occasionally malfunction. Ben’s Refrigeration only supplies the most durable time-tested brands available on the market but that doesn’t mean our job stops there. When there is a problem with any commercial refrigeration system we are always on hand to help out. However, many problems encountered with commercial refrigeration systems can easily be identified and fixed by a layman.

Power disruptions 

If your refrigeration isn’t powering up or has suddenly lost power, first ensure the unit doesn’t have a power switch that has accidentally been switched to off. You should also double check the power cord hasn’t been knocked out of place leaving it only partially connected. It’s also always a possibility that this issue is due to the power supply and not the unit itself. If there is a problem with the electrical supply we advise you to contact a qualified electrician.

An important note, it’s important to note that a large number of commercial refrigeration manufacturers advise against using an extension cord to power up your unit in many cases use of an extension cord with a commercial unit can actually void the warranty.

If you’ve been over all of these likely explanations and haven’t identified the issue just get in touch with Ben’s and we will have someone there to address the issue in no time, regardless of the time.


Lighting Issues 

All of the lights within the refrigeration systems that Bens supply use LED lights. LED lights are used in Refrigeration systems for a number of reasons, firstly they are vastly more efficient than other types of bulbs, therefore, your refrigeration unit will consume less energy, saving you money over time. Secondly, LEDs are generally used in high-quality refrigeration systems because they don’t emit any heat energy making sure the lighting doesn’t have any effect on the temperature control. On top of all these LED lights have a considerably longer lifecycle than any other available form of lighting, so replacements are far less frequent.

Eventually, all lights (LEDs included) will need to be replaced. When replacing a refrigeration light it’s important to read the units instruction manual and select a bulb that is verified and approved by the refrigerator’s manufacturer. If you replace bulbs with the wrong type of lighting you can run the risk of burning the lights electrical sockets.

Of course, you don’t have to give this any thought if Bens are replacing the lights for you.


Temperature Issues

If your Commercial Refrigerator isn’t sufficiently cooling it’s content, Bens Refrigeration understands that this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. The first thing it’s necessary to assess if you encounter this problem is the position of the refrigeration unit. If a refrigerator is placed up against the wall it will struggle to function properly. You always need to leave some gap between a refrigeration unit and the adjacent wall so as to allow for proper air circulation.

The high-quality commercial units that Ben’s supply is built to withstand an incredible amount of regular opening and closing actions on a daily basis, but eventually as with anything else the hinges and gasket can begin to develop some wear. For maximum efficiency the door should always close firmly with a tight seal, if the unit can’t seal properly for an extended period this will inhibit its ability to properly function.

Is the thermometer giving an incorrect reading? If you believe the fridge is cooling but the thermometer is giving an incorrect reading, this is a minor issue and easily replaced on the vast majority of commercial units. Double-check the fridges actual temperature with a secondary thermometer to double check.


Don’t hesitate to contact Ben’s Emergancy call out service:

If you’ve had a quick run through the above scenarios and haven’t fixed the issue get in contact with the Ben’s Refrigeration Team.

Ben’s supply all of our customers our emergency response service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of your location or the time of year. At Ben’s we pride ourselves on strong competence, our team of skilled service engineers operate remotely from fully equipped vehicles. If there is a problem with your refrigeration system we fix it right, first time for no extra charge!

Ben’s are complete sticklers for ensuring that our workmanship is the best in the business and that every single customer is more than satisfied with our service. Because of this, we have a thorough maintenance service in place. We will let you know how to keep everything running in perfect tip-top condition and make regular check-up visits ensuring everything is running smoothly.

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