What is Test and Tag and is it necessary?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is the regular inspection and electrical testing of electrical equipment, leads and plugs to ensure users’ safety.

Any equipment that has a flexible cable and/or plug fitted for mains operation, requires a periodic safety check. This includes photocopiers, kettles and chargers.

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Make sure you’re doing all you can for health and safety by testing and tagging equipment

The government is cracking down hard on companies and employers who are in breach of health and safety regulations.

Across the Waikato alone, New Zealand courts have dished out more than $1.7 million in fines to employers since 2014.

WorkSafe New Zealand figures obtained under the Official Information Act show 13 companies or bosses fronted in Waikato courtrooms in the first eight months of 2016 – more than double the number for the entire 2015.

If you look at the Electricity (Safety) Regulations of 2010, it states (in more words) that a person who owns or operates appliances commits a serious offence if they use – or allow another person to use – the appliance without taking every step to ensure it is safe to use.

“A person who owns or operates works, installations, fittings, or appliances commits a grade

A offence if he or she uses, or allows another person to use, the works, installations, fittings, or appliances, knowing that, or being reckless as to whether, the works, installations, fittings, or appliances are electrically unsafe.”

By testing and tagging your appliances, you are ensuring you haven’t been “reckless”. Be sure you know the quality of your appliances before something goes wrong – and prove it – by getting them tested and tagged.

At Ben’s Refrigeration, we believe not having your appliances tested and tagged is being reckless – how can you know if it’s electrically safe?

Be covered by your insurance policy by testing and tagging appliances

Most insurance companies require employers to comply with regulations to honour their insurance policy.

Don’t get caught out on a technicality – prove you took all practical steps to ensure your equipment was safe.

The easiest way to do that is to have all your appliances regularly tested and tagged. Give us a call to get a quote.

Test and tag for fire prevention

Faulty electrical equipment is a common cause of fire.

A Tauranga business owner knows this better than most, after he experienced $2 million worth of damage when an electric battery caught fire.

The risk is especially high in winter, as more appliances are used for longer amounts of time.

New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) figures show the most common causes of fire in winter are faulty appliances and overloaded multi boards.

Test and tag for peace of mind

With Ben’s Refrigeration testing and tagging all the electrical equipment in your business or office, you can sleep at night knowing you have taken all practical steps to ensure your equipment poses no unnecessary risk to your buildings, assets and staff.

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