How optimising your workplace temperature can increase productivity.

How optimising your workplace temperature can increase productivity.

It is a notoriously difficult task to achieve a working environment to suit everyone. A study in the UK found that 80% of office workers complain about their office temperature. This leads to 2% of office hours being wasted on adjusting temperature each year, costing the UK economy £13 billion each year.

Many factors have been shown to contribute to these levels of dissatisfaction. A 2015 study based in the US showed that preferences in temperature are different between men and women particularly with women preferring an ambient temperature of 22 degrees Celsius for women and just below 21 degrees Celsius for men. The study also found that satisfaction with temperature tends to actually decrease with age, with 46-55 year olds being 36% more likely to be dissatisfied than 18-25 years olds.

This poses the question of how can we actually achieve an ambient workplace environment for everyone? Well the answer is by providing elements of control. In this article, we will go through and discuss a number of ways to introduce control into your workplace environment to help achieve an optimum temperature for your employees and get you on your way to improving workplace productivity.

Identify what your environment needs

The first step in improving your workplace environment is to identify what exactly your workplace needs. For example, warmer environments are thought to be better for creative thinking whereas cooler environments are thought to be better for individuals carrying out repetitive tasks as it helps to keep you alert. Also think about the demographic of your workers, as previously stated, women often prefer warmer temperatures.


Separate work spaces to enable control over environment

The easiest way to introduce an element of control for your workers in an office environment is by creating separated work spaces within which the temperature can be individually controlled. Such separated environments could include group meeting rooms, individual offices and communal workspaces that vary in size and have unreserved desks, allowing employees to work in whatever area suits them. 

Install multi system heating and cooling devices for maximum control

The best way to bring individual control into separated work spaces is to install a connected, but multi room system that has the ability to either heat or cool depending on what temperature control is needed.

Multi room heat pump or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems would be especially good in this regard as the temperature output in each room could be controlled individually, but with a centralised system giving you superior efficiency.

Heat pumps work through heat transfer rather than heat generation meaning that they use far less energy and are therefore far more environmentally friendly than traditional sourced of radiant heat. Heat is transferred from one source of air to another, with that air then being evenly distributed around the room. This means that heat pumps allow for a room to be maintained at a desired temperature for as long as you want, and also have the benefit of improving air quality in a space by ventilating air as it goes through the heat transfer system.

Heat pumps also have the advantage that they can heat, cool and ventilate air within the one system, negating the needs for multiple systems for heating and cooling, keeping costs down and keeping up the aesthetics of a space.

Use a system that can integrate with smart apps.

 Smart Apps such as the Google backed start-up Nest are app based thermostats that allow temperature control of a room remotely from your phone or other supported device. Such apps are useful as they can intelligently track usage patterns within a certain environment and automatically adjust that environment to therefore be the optimum temperature.

Apps like these allow an employer to become knowledgeable about what their employees need in terms of temperature and maintain an ambient temperature without having to constantly monitor individual thermostats. This information could also be fed through to employees so they could make an informed decision on what space they would prefer to work in on that day.

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