Heat Pump or Air-Conditioning Unit Need Refurbishment? Listen Out For These Noises!

All Heat pump and Air-conditioning systems should be given at minimal an annual inspection by a qualified technician. Some issues that require refurbishment are simply very unlikely to be spotted by anyone but a trained specialist. Fairly regular simple maintenance will increase the longevity and efficiency of your heat pump or Air conditioner. Over the long term, this will save you considerable amounts on electricity bills, and minimise your environmental impact.

Irregular noises

Irregular noises are often the first indication of an issue with any mechanical or electronic equipment, so it’s useful to learn to distinguish between regular and irregular mechanical noises. Below we’ve outlined some of the irregular sounds to watch out for in both your Air Con and Heat pump systems. Explaining sounds with merely written words is challenging and open to subjective interpretations. Therefore, these descriptions are only intended as a suggestive guide.

Heat pump noises:

Heat pumps occasionally do make some strange noises; most of these are no cause for concern. If the heat pump has “always” made a particular noise, then it’s probably performing correctly.

Heat pumps have many internal moving parts such as reversing valves, which switches the flow of refrigerant between heating and cooling cycles. This shift can often cause a “whooshing” type sound this is nothing to worry about.

The sound you should be most immediately be concerned with is particularly loud metal clattering sounds, like metal hitting metal at force. This can be an Indication that the fan blades have an obstruction they’re hitting, which can cause severe damage to your machine. If there is an obstruction, this almost always causes some damage to the fan blades, but if they fully break or smash this can cause serious further damages to some other components, permanently destroying the unit. If you hear this type of noise, emanating from heat pump immediately turn the unit off and call in a specialist.

High-pitched hissing noises from your Heat Pump are another major indicator of a serious problem. They usually indicate a refrigerant leak, and this would likely lead to a “Flat” unit very quickly, so you should seek a professional immediately to remedy the situation.

“Tumbling stones or pebbles” is commonly given as a sound descriptor for when liquid refrigerant is impacting the compressor. The gradation of the volume tends to correlate with the quantity of refrigerant. There are many potential causes for this problem, so you will need to contact someone with expertise to run a diagnosis.

Air Conditioner Noises:

Air conditioners that emitting unusual ‘humming’ or grinding noises may require motor lubrication. It’s a great practice to prevent the occurrence of this noise in advance by oiling the air conditioner motor before the onset of the summer heat.

Noisy fans are another important indicator of air conditioning issues; fans that emit rattling or harsh buzzing noises may be loose or require cleaning. If the cause is just minor debris on the fan, then you can clean the blades yourself. However, if the fans have become miss-sharpen, it might be worth seeking a specialist for a thorough refurbishment.

While Air-conditioning systems are in use they will vibrate, over time this will inevitably cause the screws holding the unit in place to loosen slowly. This may cause the unit to begin making an irritating rattling noise. However, this issue can easily be addressed with a few turns of a screwdriver.

There are a multitude of other less frequently occurring noises that may indicate an issue with both Air con and Heat pump systems. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ben’s Refrigeration to address any concerns.


Why Choose Ben’s Refrigeration for Heat Pump and Air Conditioning Refurbishment?

At Ben’s Refrigeration, we have been specialising in heat pump and air conditioning Refurbishment for the past 25 years. Located in Auckland since 2004, we offer services for domestic, commercial and even industrial clients.

If you believe your air conditioner or heat pump could use a professional refurbishment, then you should get in touch today, online or on 09 212 8674 for a free, zero-obligation quote.

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