What to Look Out for When Choosing a Heat Pump System

What to look out for when choosing a heat pump system.

Heat pump systems are becoming ever more popular due to convenient, efficient heating and cooling that can be produced with the touch of a button, combined within one system. Choosing the right system for you is crucial as they can be a significant investment and become a permanent fixture within your home or business. We have come up with a quick guide of what to look out for when choosing your heat pump.

The Different Types of Heat Pump

Heat pump systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Broadly these systems can be classed under three categories:

Single-split systems 

This type of heat pump is suitable for an individual room as it consists of one indoor unit and one outdoor unit.

Multi-split systems

This type of unit consists of multiple indoor units that are connected to one outdoor unit, meaning they are suitable for use over multiple rooms.

Ducted systems

This is when one outdoor unit is connected to multiple indoor units (which are concealed), and heating or cooling is distributed through a ducted system to multiple rooms. This is ideal for a whole house or large building.

Within these categories there are a number of other options that allow you to choose between differing aesthetics, performance and advanced air filtration. These include.

Visible systems

High Wall Heat Pumps

Units that sit on your wall, usually close to the ceiling. These are usually the most affordable and can easily be retrofitted into a property. They are the most popular choice in Nez Zealand.

High Wall Plasma Heat Pumps

The same as High Wall Heat Pumps but with the addition of advanced air filtration to remove air particles meaning they are good for allergy or asthma sufferers.

Floor Console Heat Pumps

Units that sit on the floor or just above the skirting board. They can be easily retrofitted an sit on the wall or sometimes be installed partially into a cavity wall to minimize the space they take up.

Hidden systems 

Ceiling Cassette Heat Pumps

Units that are installed within a ceiling cavity meaning they sit flush with the ceiling and do not protrude out into a space. They are especially suited to large spaces.

Concealed, Bulkhead and Ducted Heat Pumps

Unit that are built into a wall, roof or under the floor meaning that they are concealed and only the intake and supply grilles are visible.

Energy Efficiency Ratings 

New Zealand energy laws stipulate that all heat pumps that are installed in the country have a star rating and must meet a ‘Minimum Energy Performance Standard’ (MEPS) of 2.3 for both heating and cooling. This equates to a 2-star energy rating. For every 0.3 increase in the MEPS score for either heating or cooling the appliance would receive another star.

Therefore, the higher the star rating a system has, the more energy efficient it will be and the more money you will save in the long run. General energy efficiency within heat pumps is around 300% – 400%. This means that for every 5kW of heating you pay for around 1.5kW of electric energy.

Overall this is much more efficient and therefore much cheaper than say gas or electric heating but efficiency does still vary between brands and types of system so look out for the star rating when choosing your system.

Other Considerations 

When choosing a heat pump make sure you are clear about variation such as:

the size and volume of space that you would like it to heat and cool

the climate within which you are located

the orientation of your windows and solar gain

existing insulation levels

activities which will take place within the building.

Different types of system are designed to be suited to various climates, having different outputs and capabilities so it is vital to choose one that will suit your needs. Contact a trained professional who will be able to inform you of the correct brand and system for your needs.

For a more in depth guide take a look here.

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