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Heat Pump Specialists with over 40 years experience

Let the heat pump and air conditioning specialists show you how to control the climate in your home perfectly.

Each home has different needs. You might want to use a heat pump to control the Temperature on one specific room using a Single Room Split Heat Pump. You can also control multiple rooms using a Multi Head System. There’s also a much more discreet way of centrally Heating or cooling your home, and that’s through a custom designed, Ducted Heat Pump and Air Conditioning System.

Whatever your requirements may be, Talk to us at Bens Refrigeration and after a Free In Home Consultation we will achieve a perfect tailored solution for your home or room.

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Single Room Heat Pump

Single room heat pumps are the optimal heat pump solution when you only need to heat or cool a single room in your home. If you require a Heat Pump for your Bedroom a small Heat Pump is perfect for your requirements. Otherwise, you might want to heat or cool your living room and a slightly larger heat pump will be your best choice depending on the size of your Lounge. In the Individual room heat pump range, there are 3 different options to choose from. One being a High Wall System which is the most common, or a Ceiling Mounted Cassette System and lastly a Floor Console System We can help you determine which system is best for you and meets your needs and budget.

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Multi Room Heat Pumps

If you are looking to Heat or Cool Multiple Rooms in your house but don’t want individual Outdoor units all around your house, A Multi Head System is your best option. What this system essentially does is that it connects multiple indoor units to on outdoor Unit. Just like the single Split system there is a range of Units to choose from like High Wall System, Ceiling Mounted Cassette System and also the Floor Console System.

Talk to one of our Consultants at Bens Refrigeration and we can help you determine which system suits your heating and cooling situation best.


Ducted Heat Pumps

A Ducted Heat Pump and Air Conditioning System is Ideal if you are looking to heat or cool your entire home and maintain a perfect temperature through out. They are a much more efficient alternative to a Natural Gas Central Heating System. This is the most discreet way of Heating or Cooling your home as the only bits visible are the Supply air Grilles and the Return Air Grilles inside your Home wether it be on the Ceiling or on the Floor ( If your home has ceiling or floor cavity). The best stage to get a ducted system installed in your home is either when it’s a new build or when you are getting renovations done as there is usually some building work involved.

At Bens Refrigeration we will create a custom design and an Energy Efficient Solution for your home to give you comfort all year around.



Heat Pump Pre-Installation

We will visit your home to carefully evaluate your needs.

They will assess all factors impacting on your indoor temperature, including room size, layout and orientation, presence and type of roofing insulation, number of stories, glass area, and other factors necessary to calculate your home’s heat load.  Based on this assessment, they will recommend a heat pump that suits your unique requirements.

We will then explain how the location of the outdoor unit affects noise levels, and advise on the best placements for indoor units or ducts.

Finally, we will talk you through the installation process and leave you with a detailed written quotation.


Heat Pump During Installation

Once you’re satisfied with your quote, we will arrange a mutually suitable installation time with you.  They will arrive at your agreed time, and will keep you informed at every step of the installation process.  Once installed, they will thoroughly test your heat pump, checking that all electrical works have been carried out to the relevant standards, the piping and refrigerant charge is correct and airflow is properly balanced.

Finally, they will clean up and remove any waste materials, leaving your home clean and tidy.


Heat Pump Post Installation

Once installation is complete, we will program your controller to suit your needs, showing you how to operate your new heat pump, and answer any remaining questions you may have, and leave you with a detailed operation manual.

We also provides a comprehensive 5-Year Parts and Labour Warranty, and an established service department for technical queries, spare parts and accessories, giving you prompt after sales support for the life of your heat pump.

Areas We Service

Auckland Heat Pump Specialists

Do you need air conditioning maintenance or heat pump maintenance in Auckland? Ben’s Refrigeration provides heating and air conditioning maintenance Auckland wide.

Our areas of service include all suburbs in North Shore and Whangaparoa, Central Auckland and CBD, West Auckland, East Auckland and South Auckland (as far south as Hamilton).

Whether you need maintenance for a single unit or an entire ducted system, we have the expertise you need.

Contact us today for a free quote for your residential or commercial maintenance!

We have a team of four experienced technicians, trained to undertake the scheduled preventative maintenance checks on heat pumps and air conditioning. The specialised preventative maintenance team is separated from the service department to enable continued maintenance when our servicing team is busy.

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Hamilton Heat Pump Specialists

Looking for home heat pumps in Hamilton? Ben’s Refrigeration provide heat pump, air conditioning and refrigeration services Hamilton-wide 7 days a week.

Whether you have plans for a new or existing home, we take responsibility for all aspects of design, sales & installation. Plus, we offer regular servicing for all makes & models.

We believe it’s all about the personal touch, which is why we make sure each & every heating system is the right fit for our customer.

Call us today on 0800 303 884 to arrange a consultation or experienced and trusted advice.

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