How to get the most out of your Heat Pump

How to get the most out of your Heat Pump

Heat pumps are the most efficient way of using electricity to heat or cool your home, making them a cheap, clean and convenient way of keeping you at a comfortable temperature all year round, at the touch of a button. Knowing how to get the most out of your heat pump is essential to ensuring you reap the benefits of this efficiency, saving yourself valuable time, money and hassle in the long run. We have brought together some top tips to help you get the most out of your heat pump before, during and long after its installation.

Pre-installation – Choosing the right heat pump

 Whilst a generic knowledge of the performance specifications of various makes and models is always useful it is important to remember that each property is different and therefore it is worthwhile taking the time to find the right heat pump for your specific needs. Factors including geographical location, climate, orientation to the sun, air flow, insulation levels and window areas will all contribute to the heat loss of a particular space and will therefore be crucial in deciding what heat pump is best equipped to work within it.

Getting the size right is also essential for maintaining a heat pump’s efficiency and lengthening its life expectancy. If a heat pump is too small it will be continuously working as it attempts to reach the desired temperature for the room, if it is too big it will reach the target temperature very quickly and continue to cycle on and off. Of course, neither of these are very good for the unit’s efficiency or for your bank account so it is worth seeking expert advice to ensure the heat pump you choose is the most suitable for the environment it will be placed within.

During Installation – Effective installation

Although it may seem like a given, making sure of correct installation is crucial, as a failure to do so could affect your warranty as well as the efficiency, performance and life span of your heat pump. It is a good idea to ask your installer if they comply with the ECCA Good Practice Guide to Heat Pump Installation, making sure that they will also be able to help you should something go wrong with your heat pump in the future. Covering your bases at this early stage can be a life saver if you find yourself needing help in the future.

Post Installation – Use wisely

Once your heat pump has been installed there are a number of things you can do to ensure things continue to run smoothly for the months and years to come. Keeping your heat pump properly maintained is perhaps the most obvious way you can maximise its efficiency, performance and life span. Ensure you adhere to the manufacturers’ instructions and clean the filter inside and outside on a regular basis.

Alongside careful maintenance, there are a number of small rules you can set yourself to help get the very most from your heat pump for a longer period of time. Only heating or cooling the space you’re actually using is the first useful rule that a lot of people miss. Shutting doors and curtains can help you to keep the heat in (or out) allowing you to keep the temperature set to a moderate range (around 18-22˚C is ideal during the day), significantly reducing the work your pump will have to do and therefore the electricity it is using.

Using the timer feature is another great way to be in complete control of the temperature at any given time, allowing you to leave your heat pump off or significantly reduced at times you might not need it (for example at night or when you are out). You can then set it to switch on shortly before you wake up or get home without having to leave it on all day or night.

Get in touch with Auckland’s Heat Pump Experts

 At Ben’s Refrigeration we have been specialising in heat pump and air conditioning installation and maintenance for the past 25 years. Located in Auckland since 2004, we can help you at all stages of the process, from choosing the right system for you to maintenance and advice post installation. If you or your business are interested in installing your own heat pump systems or are in need of expert advice or maintenance for an existing system, then get in touch with us today either online or over the phone on 09 212 8674 for a no-obligation quote.


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