Why get a heat pump?

What are heat pumps? And what are their advantages?


Heat Pumps are a HVAC (Heating, Ventilation Air Conditioning) system that combine the ability to heat, cool and ventilate a room within one system. They aid in maintaining the thermal comfort of a space while also ventilating and improving the air quality.


Heat pumps work by using a small amount of energy to transfer heat from one location to another desired location. Air to air heat pumps work to cool a home by extracting warmth from air inside your home and expelling it outside. They work to heat by doing the reverse and extracting heat from outside air which is them pumped into your home. Other forms of heat pump include water-source and geothermal systems.


These systems are becoming ever more popular due to their energy efficiency, environmentally friendly nature and the convenience of having two systems in one. Especially in moderate climates they can be a great alternative to more traditional forms of adjusting the temperate in your home like air conditioners or furnaces. Here we are have listed our top 5 advantages of heat pump systems over more traditional heating and cooling methods.


Get heating and cooling in one system


Heat pumps are incredibly convenient as by installing just one system you can keep your home at an ambient temperature through all of the seasons at just the push of a button. They can heat or cool a space very quickly and then maintain your preferred temperature for as long a period as you want. Many heat pumps even have timer functions so you can set a certain timeframe for it to be on and it will turn itself off without you having to worry.


HVAC systems also produce no waste, no ash or smoke, no condensed air to dispose of and do not require any particular kind of fuel to run on such as a log burning stove would. All in all, they are an incredibly convenient system that could save you a lot of hassle.


Heat pumps are very energy efficient meaning you save money


By their nature, heat pumps warm and cool your home through heat transfer which requires very little energy. There is no need for heat to be generated like a boiler or wood burner would do which uses far more energy, making heat pumps very cost-efficient to run. According to the USAs Department of Energy “today’s heat pumps can reduce your electricity use for heating by approximately 50% compared to electric resistance heating such as furnaces and baseboard heaters”.


Heat pumps improve the air quality in your home


There are no pollutants given off in the running of HVAC systems such as smoke or ash. Instead, heat pumps draw air through the system in order to heat and cool the room, therefore also filtering the air at the same. This filtration helps to removes impurities from the air such as odours, dust, and mould spores, leading to better air quality.


Heat pumps are environmentally friendly


Due to high efficiency ratings, heat pumps do not use nearly as much energy as other types of electrical heating system. They also do not emit any harmful greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide in the generation of heat such as a wood burning stove would produce. Most new heat pumps also use the R410A refrigerant which does not harm the ozone layer if it is released. Combined, these factors make a heat pumps carbon emissions far less that many other forms of heating and cooling, helping to protect the environment.


Heat Pumps are Safe and Convenient


As two systems combined in one heat pumps take up less space that individual air conditioning units and a central heating systems would. As they work by changing the temperature of the air across the whole room, you do not need to sit near them to feel the heating or cooling benefit. They do not generate heat so there is no worry over hot surfaces that small children may come into contact with and they are perfectly safe to be left on overnight.


At Ben’s Refrigeration we have been specialising in heat pump and air conditioning installation and maintenance for the past 25 years. Located in Auckland since 2004, we offer services for domestic, commercial and even industrial clients. If you or your business are interested in installing your own heat pump systems, then get in touch with us today either online or over the phone on 0800 303 884 for a no-obligation quote.

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