The best places to position your air conditioning and heat pumps

Determining where to position your air conditioning and/or heat pumps is often a decision that is overlooked and not thought about in a strategic manner. Generally, people will plan the position of these appliances based on the aesthetic looks of how they blend in with the room and the surrounding furniture. Discover why this is something to avoid when planning the position of your own appliances. 


Out of Direct Sunlight 

Quite an obvious one, but avoid positioning your appliance near windows or within an area that receives direct sunlight. By placing your unit in a shaded area, on average it can use 30% less electricity to cool down the space, saving you money in the long run. Just think about it, by having an appliance constantly in the sunlight, it has to fight and constantly push past that added heat just to cool down the room. The same goes if you are trying to heat up the area. During the cooler months windows often tend to let cool air in and can make a space feel very cold and isolated. By avoiding positioning your heat appliance near windows / entry ways that lead to outside, it will help to keep the area warm. 


Power Source

When planning the positioning of your space, keep in mind the power points that are available or be open to the idea of installing a powerpoint besides the unit. Avoid resorting to extension leads to power your unit as this can create serious electrical risks later on down the track.


Natural Air Flow

Place your unit in a spot that allows the air to flow with the natural air rather than having to work against it. A good tip to follow is to avoid facing your unit  in the direction of a widely used door / entrance way as it will have to work harder each time the door opens. Following on from that, ensure that your unit is not blocked by other elements that are present within the room such as walls / furniture. It is important for the health of your bank account as well as the health of the appliance that the air that is being generated can move freely throughout the room (and as an added bonus, it will mean that your room is staying at the optimal temperature that you set).


Away from hot areas or heat generated areas

Avoid placing your appliance near an area that generates the heat that you are trying to avoid. In this case, avoid placing your air conditioning unit near the kitchen stove or hot water heater as it will have to constantly fight that added heat barrier. 


If you are limited with the areas that you can position your air conditioning and heat pumps, or maybe you have already installed your unit without keeping these points in mind? Don’t worry as there are alternatives methods that can be implemented within the space to assist the appliances in completing their job. Installing black out blinds that can block out the suns rays or keep the winter chill out is one great way to keep the ideal temperature in. Also, check the windows and doors within the room and throughout the house to ensure that they all have been correctly sealed, and are working to keep the outside weather out. If you notice that your air conditioning is struggling to fight the outdoors temperature during the warmer months, try turning off the lights within the room as lights too generate heat. 

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