Need a reliable air conditioning or heatpump installer in Auckland?

Why Choose Ben’s Refrigeration? 

The most important part for the longevity of your Air Conditioner or Heat Pump is the installation process. The best and most expensive model doesn’t mean its going to last long if it hasn’t been installed to a high standard, this could also lead your unit to be void of warranty If the manufacturer finds an Install related issue.

Bens Refrigeration put workmanship and service as top priority and are dedicated to ensuring your heat pump performs it’s best for many years to come:

  • We choose and only use the best materials which are built for our harsh New Zealand conditions (Australia made) .
  • After your air conditioning or heat pum unit has been installed it should never need re-gassing if installed properly. All our installations are pressure tested and Evacuated down to 200 microns ATLEAST, Which gives your Heat Pump the best chance of lasting a long time.
  • Additional corrosion protection is applied to all units within proximity to salt water, and always applied to powder-coated brackets at no extra cost. Have no fear If you live near an Auckland beach!
  • All exposed fixings are Stainless Steel or Galvanized, zinc-plated screws won’t last!
  • All heat pumps are mounted on feet (unless bracket-mounted) and secured to their base. This prevents debris building up underneath, helps increase air-flow and prevents unit being moved/tipped over.
  • Experienced tradesmen – All heat pumps are installed by a licensed electrician and Accredited installer. Ask to see your heat pump installer’s NZ Practising Licence and Accredited Installers card!
  • We clean up! Our installers take pride in leaving the worksite clean and tidy – there is a special spot in the van for our broom and vacuum cleaner!

We warranty our installations for 5 or 6 years to match your Heat Pumps Manufacturer parts and labour warranty. At Bens Refrigeration we won’t always be the cheapest but we guarantee the best job at competitive rates. For the best in the business contact us today.


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