How often should you maintain your air conditioning and heat pump?

Most homeowners often forget or overlook the importance of maintaining their air conditioning and/or heat pumps. Little do they know though is that they contain filters which are designed to catch any dust, bacteria and microbes that are present within the air. Therefore, if your appliances are not regularly maintained, they will build up and collect moisture, which as a result will leave you with mould, which is unhealthy for both yourself, and for your appliances. Not only that, but cleaning filters regularly results in a more efficient machine and lowers the overall running costs.


How often should they be maintained?

When it comes to air conditioners and heat pumps there are two types of services that homeowners should be informed about. Homeowners should conduct frequent filter changes, usually at least every 6 months, depending on how often the appliance is used. Filter maintenance can be conducted by the homeowner themselves, given that they follow the following guidelines:   


  • Ensuring that the appliance has been turned off, remove the old filter (place it straight in the bin if it is a disposable filter as it will contain a high amount of dust and microbes that you don’t want lying around in the house). If the filter is reusable, give it a solid clean. With a wet cloth, wipe around the filter area on the machine, getting rid of any excess dust.
  • Once the area has been cleaned down, insert the new filter.

The second type of service that should occur once a year, is conducted by your Auckland heat pump specialists and/or domestic air conditioning Auckland experts. It is important to let the experts examine your appliances once yearly as they will be able to service the more technical elements that will assist in the longevity of your appliances. 


A standard maintenance should include:

  • Inspection of ducts, filters, blower, and indoor coil for dirt and other obstructions
  • Diagnosis and sealing of any duct leakage
  • Verification of adequate airflow by measurement
  • Verification and  correction of refrigerant charge by measurement
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspection of electric terminals, and, if necessary, cleaning and tightening of connections, and application non-conductive coating
  • Lubrication of motors, and inspect belts for tightness and wear
  • Verification of correct electric control, making sure that heating is locked out when the thermostat calls for cooling and vice versa
  • Verification and correction of thermostat operation.



Why do they need to be maintained?

Well, for starters the difference between the energy consumption of a well-maintained heat pump and a severely neglected one ranges from 10% to 25%. Furthermore, most manufacturers recommend an annual maintenance check from a qualified technician for warranty purposes. If you fail to upkeep your appliances, the filters and coils inside the machine become clogged and dirty, which may result in the compressor or fans failing to work after a period of time and thus you will be left with a broken machine. Therefore, regular upkeep increases the likelihood of being able to extend the life of the appliance.

Aside from the monetary and warranty benefits, it is also vital that your appliances are checked regularly due to health reasons.. A buildup of dust and bacteria can cause a multitude of health problems and can be quite dangerous for those suffering with severe hayfever, asthma or lung conditions. Not only that, but with the moisture that may be present within the machine, mould is likely to start forming. Mould impacts the efficiency and life expectancy of the appliance but also means that with every use, it is blowing out air that has been contaminated with mould spores. 


Avoid these critical issues by scheduling in annual appliance checks with your trusted domestic air conditioning and Auckland heat pump specialists. Bens Refrigeration have thorough maintenance systems in place to ensure that your appliances are kept in top shape. With scheduled visits available, reach out to the team to discuss your options today.

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