12 Ways to Keep Your Energy Bills Low During Winter

Managing your energy costs during winter can be a real challenge, with people spending more time indoors and also needing to crank up their heating while they’re at it. To help you keep your bills under control during the chilly season, we’ve compiled this list of 12 tips!

  1.       Shut the curtains

Over a third of your heating can leak out of your windows, with the curtains acting as an effective barrier. On the other hand, you’ll want to leave the curtains open on sunny days to let some of that natural warmth into your house.

  1.       Drop a couple of degrees

The ideal indoor temperature is in between 18 and 20 degrees, so if you have a tendency to crank up your heat even further, consider lowering it by just a couple of degrees – every degree you reduce can lower your energy use by 10%. Also try to avoid leaving your heating on all night, or when you’re out of the house.

  1.       Ensure appliances are actually off

Unfortunately, switching off an appliance doesn’t necessarily mean it’s off. A lot of appliances still suck energy if they’re plugged into your outlet, with this leeching being estimate to represent 5-10% of your electrical bill. You might want to consider buying a power strip to manage several appliances at once, or simply pull appliances out from the socket when they’re not in use.

  1.       Dodge the draught

Plenty of cold air could be breezing into your home from under the doorway, effectively wasting all the warm air inside your home. Try using door seals or snakes to potentially reduce your heating costs by 25%.

  1.    Shut the door

Close doors to rooms that aren’t in use to prevent warm air being directed to these rooms unnecessarily, such as your laundry or bathroom.

  1.    Rug up

Rugs don’t just make for a stylish addition to your home, but keep your feet warm while also insulating your floors.

  1.    Check your filters

Filters should be cleaned regularly in order to ensure your heating system is functioning in the most effective way possible.

  1.    Ensure that your vents aren’t blocked

Sometimes, a large piece of furniture in front of your air vents may interrupt the circulation of warm air. Make sure to shuffle around some bulky pieces to ensure the air is getting around.

  1.    Get an inspection

If you’re worried about the overall performance of your heating system and whether it could be costing you in the long run, contact a heating and cooling professional for a tune up.

  1.  Get cosy

This one’s an oldie but a goodie – pile on the layers, don a warm blanket and drink plenty of soup and tea to reduce your need for heating! A hot water bottle is also a fantastic way of staying warm in bed or when relaxing on the couch.

  1.  Entertain yourself

In winter, we tend to spend more time at home using devices and appliances. Think of ways to keep busy at home instead of watching TV or browsing the internet, such as reading a book or playing board games with the family to lower your energy consumption.

  1.  Insulate your home

While a short-term expense, insulating your home has long-term financial payoff. Installing insulation in your walls, windows and other places can save you between 5-20% on your energy bills every year, with insulation helping to keep costs down in summer too!

If you need any other assistance with your heating system this winter, make sure to ring up Ben’s Refrigeration.

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